Oil Business-West Africa Oil Products Introduction

West Africa Oil Products Introduction

West Africa possesses a preferable geographic location. The oil fields mainly distribute near the coast and in offshore sea, it is generally the offshore oil exploration, which is usually tens of or dozens of kilometers to the shore, with extremely short delivery distance, thus it is convenient to gather and transport outward. It could also elude the political or social upheaval of some countries. West Africa is located on the significant hub of Atlantic line, but it is not the strategic “throat” as the Persian Gulf, oil can be produced in a relatively stable political environment, refining, stored and transported safely to other countries.

Geographic position is located in West Africa, bordering on Gulf of Guinea in the south, connecting with Burkina Faso in north, adjacent to Togo in east, and bounded with Côte d'Ivoire in west, in the area of 238, Ghana could be called as the star country of West Africa, and have been appraised and elected as Top Five African Countries of Most Potential in Development by foreign media for several times, whose economic growth rate is the fastest in Africa. Its politics, economy, culture and education n development is much more in the lead than the neighboring countries. Besides, Ghana also possesses abundant natural resources, teeming with gold, cocoa and wood, thus enjoys the title of “homeland of cocoa” and “gold coast”.