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Company has been discussed with Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) regarding the issues of Company complying with ASX regulations and has reached a consensus today, 16 October 2015. Company is preparing the supplementary prospectus. Company has reached the predetermined IPO amount on 09 October 2015. However, Company was unable to lodge the supplementary prospectus by the deadline of 09 October 2015. Thus, Company has lodged an application for an extension of time and all the detailed information will be announced in the subsequent.


Initiation of IPO.

Soon Mining has lodged the prospectus to ASIC and now it has passed the exposure period.
Soon Mining may proceed with IPO, roadshows and accepting the investor's application.


Lodgement of Lisiting documents

GRT Lawyer was commissioned by the Company to submit the IPO application to ASX and lodge prospectus to ASIC on 17 July 2015.
Please refer to the website for more information.


The Company has commenced the IPO process

The Company has commenced the IPO process and reserved the ASX listing code "SMG".
The IPO team is currently comprised of the following:
*GRT Lawyers in charge of the preparation of prospectus and relevant matters;
*PKF Gold Coast is handling auditing process.
The Company expects to appoint other additional advisors to the IPO in due course.



Soon Mining Limited in Australia is set to acquire 100% of the Soon Mining Company Limited in Ghana. The acquisition is ongoing and listing procedure in Australia is in process. All the shareholders retain the initial interests.