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2013 shareholder meeting

The year 2013 shareholder meeting will be held on 2013/10/07 at 11am at Taipei,Taiwan.


The conclusion of the JORC repor

Mining department: The independent technical JORC report of Kwaho Praso Gold Project was completed by the Competent Person from AUSIMM. The conclusion of the report is that the estimated Indicated Mineral Resource within the mining lease area is 85,264 oz. of gold.


Obtained the Mining lease

Mining Department: Obtained the Mining lease.The Mineral Commission has successfully approved the final stage of the geological reports. Soon Mining has officially received the mining lease from the Mineral Commission of the Government of Ghana and the notary has been done by the Supreme Court of Ghana.


Financial department

Have confirmed the list of Australian cooperating team which includes security, lawyers and accountants. When the report is completed, it can proceed to the next stage.



The geologists have completed the report in March 2013 based on the sampling results of the mining concession, combining all the mine related data analysis of the concession from the chartered accountant and environmental geologist.



Upon the inspection and thorough review by the financial department for 3 months, we have decided to dismiss the United Kingdom and Canada, and determined that Australia will be the listed country. The last meeting was held on 27th of February 2013 in Taipei with the selected cooperating teams and it is expected to finalize and sign the contract by the end of March.



A Coordination meeting with Water Conservance Bureau of Ghana was held to discuss on how to do a good job of mining related soil and water conservation.