About Us

Company Strategy

Soon Mining's business model is to focus on production of gold and growth of our current assets. We are focused on developing a long-term mining plan to find significant gold resources through exploratory drilling and expand into other natural resources to increase the value of the company, and to acquire projects at low cost that present the potential to prove up significant resources and revenues using our expertise to generate value through development, joint venture or investment. By investing in strategic holdings and using our expertise to value enhance these assets, Soon Mining is generating future growth and increased value of the company.

Soon Mining employs a strict investment criteria for project acquisitions and focuses on available tenements in proximity to operating mines, or in areas with proven or potential in-ground resources in regions suitable for short or long term development. We select projects based upon historical drilling or sampling results combined with robust geological mining concepts and financial models. Critical to our strategy is an unrelenting focus on acquisitions and exploration backed by a highly experienced and expert team of mining specialists.

In addition, there are numerous Alluvial Gold projects that have viable gold resources, these present excellent acquisition or Joint Venture opportunities. Our management structure and business model is the ideal vehicle to acquire these valuable deposits as we have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts in every area of mining.

With the advantage of low cost production in Ghana, we believe that over the long term, the upward pressure on the price of gold will enable us to produce an ROI (return on investment) significantly above average to the benefit of our shareholders.

We believe that over the long term, in addition to the advantage of low cost production in Ghana, the current global political and economic environment, gold is the good investment which cannot be ignore and with the significant space for appreciation. These are the potential factors to enhance the company's profitability.